Monday, October 19, 2015

Down and dirty, cheap security - Glass Guard Alarms

Glass Guard Alarm System, 1 Unit
10.99 or 2 for $14.99
73 reviews - 4 stars
If you have an old, glass-paned door that would be easy to break and open, this down and dirty security option may give you some peace of mind.

Here's how it works - the glass rattles (burglar, thunder storm, heavy wind, bombings from the base) the alarm will go off. There's nothing "smart" about it, there's no remote, and only one setting (sensitivity), so if it goes off you have to go and manually turn it off. (Please consider your pets and make sure they won't be locked in a room with this when it goes off - it's LOUD.)

BUT, if you're looking for cheap security that will alert you or your neighbors when someone is messing with your doors or windows (or the doors and windows in your RV or out buildings) this device may work for you.

If you get this, or any of the other down and dirty security, consider also getting Brinks Security signs. Burglars will not know whether your security is down and dirty, or if it's a complete system and that calls the Sheriff's Departments AND your neighbors.

I believe the effect of home security, whether down and dirty, or a complete connected system, has a positive effect on the entire neighborhood. If one house has a system then THAT neighborhood is identified as a neighborhood where people are protecting their, and their neighbors' properties, and that neighborhood becomes less attractive to burglars and thieves. The entire area becomes more risky for those who want to take advantage of property owners.

So, you're you're not just protecting yourself, you're protecting your neighborhood.

NOTE: I am not a security expert and I make *NO* money from recommending any product. Your mileage may vary. I make no claims that any of these devices will provide you any kind of protection. Do your own research - find out what works best for you.