Monday, July 27, 2015

Adopt-a-Road Program

Hi All,

I've been researching county programs that might help us reduce dumping in our beautiful desert. One that looks very promising is the San Bernardino County Adopt-a-Road Program. You can adopt an entire road, or just a mile, and then you are responsible for 4 cleanups a year. The county provides the tools you need including trash bags and they come pick up the bags. They'll also pick up any bulky items that have been dumped in the area.

People who adopt a road may apply for a sign and the SIGN is what I think will make the difference. I know that many people who dump in the desert are thoughtless, but I believe that SOME of them may see a sign that says the "Smith Family" or the "Wonder Valley Hiking Club" maintains this road, then they MAY think twice about dumping there.

Adopt-a-Road signs would give the appearance that Wonder Valley is owned by the people who live here and is not just a wasteland for people to dump in.

So, I would encourage you to join. If you have any questions, please contact me:

To learn more about the program, and sign up, follow this link:

To see the map of available roads, follow this link:

Here are the available roads in Wonder Valley:
These are called "County Maintained Road System" (CMRS)

Amador between Amboy and Montalyo
Amboy to Bullions Mountain Road
Anza from Amboy to the end of the road
Bullion Mountain Road between Valle Vista and Amboy
Diamond Bar between Bullion and Falderman
Encanto between Bullion and Falderman
Falderman between Amboy to a little past Sunny Sands Drive
Godwin between 62 and Amboy
Montalyo between Bullion and Falderman
Pinto Mountain Road from Amboy to Valle Vista
Raymond Drive between Bullion and Mojave Road
Valle Vista between Pinto and Bullion

Please let me know if any of these roads have dump sites contiguous to them or are high crime areas.