Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wonder Valley Community Meeting - NOTES

Wonder Valley Community Meeting Notes
July 13, 2015 at Wonder Valley Community Center, 9:00 a.m.
Chair: Teresa Sitz
1.       Call to Order, 9:10 a.m., Teresa Sitz
2.       Introductions
Because there were so many people (19) we passed on introductions.
Community Members: Charlotte Williams, Izzy Austin, Almut Fleck, Olympia Rossi, Mary Quamme, Bob Tellefson, Eugene Molina, Star Javier, Bob Burt, Karen and Ted Meyers, Jill Reinig, Mary Lindsley, Ken and Teresa Sitz
Special guests:
a.       Sheriff’s Specialist Robert Anderson;
b.      Reese Troublefield, Interim Divisional Manager, San Bernardino Special Districts
c.       John Bradford, Assistant Regional Manager, San Bernardino Special Districts
d.      Mark Lundquist, Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council
e.       Jim Schooler, Field Representative, State Senator Jean Fuller
3.       Community Comment on items not on the agenda
No comments were made
4.       Reports and Presentations
a.       Sheriff’s Specialist Robert Anderson reviewed crime statistics for Wonder Valley. From January through June there were 390 calls. Of those, 49 were written up as reports, and there were 7 arrests. There was one burglary in June at Brown and Blower. Jill asked which months of the year had the highest crime rates. SS Anderson said this year it was January and May. Bob asked if these were the same figures as were listed in the Desert Trail. SS Anderson said no. Bob followed up asking if comprehensive statistics were published anywhere. SS Anderson said no.
Olympia expressed concern over non-emergency calls. SS Anderson recommended calling 760-956-5001 when you weren’t sure your call was an emergency. SS Anderson said he personally patrols Wonder Valley twice a week.
b.      Teresa read the report for the MAC. Star Javier and Ted Meyers added content. There were no objections to the delivering the report as amended.
[I want to note that I included information about using our community center as a cooling station. Karen Meyers had contacted me about this issue as she had worked with Southern California Edison in the previous years to get this to happen and told me that this was the year there might be money available to do so. I failed to mention this at the meeting and want to acknowledge Karen for all the work she put in and for keeping on top of this issue.]
5.       Ongoing Business
a.       Neighborhood Watch and NextDoor
Teresa announced that there were NW signs at the desk and asked that anyone who used one agree to watch their neighbors’ houses and have someone watch theirs. She encouraged people to join NextDoor.com.
b.      Illegal Dumping
Almut and Jill agreed to work on arranging a volunteer cleanup with Teresa. Several people indicated properties that might qualify for a county cleanup. Mark Lundquist explained a little more about the process.
c.       Wonder Valley Art Fair
Teresa described the art fair and asked if anyone would like to participate. Jill Reinig signed up to show work at the Glass Outhouse Gallery.
6.       Special Districts Report
Road Budget, Road Building Tentative Schedule, and Park Budget
Reese Troublefield and John Bradshaw reviewed the road and park budgets and the road repair list. (These will be attached when they are received in digital format.)
Contact information:
Reese Troublefield: RTroublefield@sdd.sbcounty.com
John Bradford: JBradford@sdd.sbcounty.gov
Mr. Troublefield talked about allowing volunteers to keep the community center open.
7.       Agenda Planning
Ted Meyers asked Code Enforcement to be added to the next agenda
8.       Adjournment – 10:30 a.m.