Thursday, June 30, 2016

Desert Trail Column, June 30, 2016

One of our announcements last week was that the He Provides Ministry would be at our community center with free clothing and household items. They take a break during June, July and August, so this was incorrect information, and we apologize and hope it did not cause any inconvenience for anyone. They will be back starting on the third Monday in September.

Congratulations go out this week to Teresa and Ken Sitz who celebrate 16 years together, and to Penny and Ron Root who celebrate 23 years together. Happy anniversary to all!

Darlene’s Commentary: 
I am writing this commentary on Sunday evening, June 26, and I hope that everyone came through safely and whole from the planned power outage on Wednesday, June 29, from 8 am to 4 pm. In my opinion, it was poorly planned, and put a lot of people at risk, especially some folks who have no transportation available and no way to get to the nearest cooling center.

Others would not leave their indoor pets to fend for themselves. I would like to know why this “upgrade to the grid” (per Edison) could not have been scheduled at night. Most of our summer nights are warm, but tolerable. I would like to invite the person who scheduled this outage to the next summer midday outage in the desert.

Karen’s Commentary: I devoured my first Arby’s roast beef sandwich in many years the other day, and it was just as delicious as I remembered it to be! Because I was in a hurry, I went to the drive-thru to get it, and was very surprised and very dismayed that during their extensive and lengthy renovations of the old Taco Bell building, they did NOT redo the drive-thru driveway. If you have ever used it, you know what I mean. The designer of that gem should be forced to drive it until they can negotiate the turn without backing up to try again, and actually succeed in getting within arm’s length of the window! Perhaps the designer is the same person who schedules SCE outages?

The Wonder Valley Community Church, 82575 Amboy Road, holds Sunday services each week, plus Bible Studies on Sundays and Wednesdays. They also have a potluck following the service on the second Sunday of each month. Call Pastor Garry Brooks at 760-367-0279 for further information.

Handy Hint: Local community theaters often produce professional-quality shows, and the ticket prices are very reasonable – and we have one right here in Twentynine Palms!

Thought for Today: “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” – Mark Twain

Until next time . . . remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.