Friday, June 17, 2016

We're RECRUITING for Paid Call Firefighters in Wonder Valley!

This is the Morrisville Volunteer/PCF Fire Department.
They look alot like us!
Enrollment is open for EMR and FIRE classes at Copper Mountain College. If you’d like to take either/both of the classes below, please register as soon as possible so you can begin school the week of August 15.

NOW BEFORE YOU RUN SCREAMING NO!!! - please consider that the FIRE class is a completely online course - pretty much self-paced, and the EMR class meets every other Monday from 3-6 p.m. for 18 weeks. Easy peasy!

Here’s what you want to sign up for:

FIRE 001-50 Fire Protection Organizations ONLINE
EMR 001-01 Emergency Medical Responder CMC Campus

These are both 3-unit classes. A unit costs $46. If you need help paying for the class or books, sign up for a BOG (Board of Governers) waiver. 95% of CMC students do this.

Start by going to: and click on the link that says:

I am taking the accelerated EMR and FIRE HYDROLOGY classes right now, during the summer session. That’s 18 weeks in 16 days. Compared to what I'm doing YOUR experience will be a cakewalk!

It would be IDEAL if several Wonder Valleyites took the class together and we began forming the camaraderie and team building that will make the Wonder Valley Paid Call Fire Department a cornerstone of our community. If several community members take the class, I will attend as well and help out, and we can carpool.

If you want to do this and need ANY help registering, getting your equipment, with transportation, whatever, please let either me, or the instructor James Brakebill, know and we will move heaven and earth to make this happen for you.

James Brakebill, CMC
760-366-3791 x0533

Teresa Sitz, MAC