Friday, June 17, 2016

We're a lifestyle!

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I started summer school, taking two classes - a semester's worth of work packed into 16 days! What was I thinking. I'm taking Emergency Medical Responder and Fire Hydraulics and am just finishing up the chapter on water systems, which has particular significance to Wonder Valley. This information is invaluable.

This recently came across my desk, from the "lifestyle" section of the hipster design magazine Wallpaper:
Desert anointment: Wonder Valley's flavour-packed olive oil

Yep, Wonder Valley Olive Oil.

What does it have to do with Wonder Valley? Nothing really. The olives aren't growing here, and the people who make it don't live here. They come out once in awhile and have taken a shine to the place. Here are some choice bits:

"Mr. Carroll is one half of lifestyle brand Wonder Valley, and along with his wife Alison is exploring what it means to pair luxury craftsmanship with the traditional simplicity of the desert lifestyle."

"Wonder Valley sees itself as an oasis. Future projects could include furniture and scents. Their latest offering is a Turkish towel in three bright colours– evidence of their faith that there is cool water to be found, even where you have to search a little harder for it."