Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Independent Contractors wanted

There's a lot of talent in Wonder Valley, and we want you to teach at the WVCC!

From Special Districts,

"The District is happy to be able to offer contracts to individuals interested in offering instruction to the community. Many of our most popular programs are run by independent contractors with a willingness to share their unique talents. Please contact the community center if you are interested in becoming an independent contractor with the District."

You can also contact Karen Meyers, the WVCC coordinator, at 760-367-9880, or Teresa Sitz, the MAC Volunteer at 760-865-9550, or send an email to info@WonderValley.org. We could use people to teach

  • dancing
  • cooking
  • arts and crafts
  • languages
  • fitness
  • singing or choir
  • games
  • and more.
It takes about a month to apply for a contract and to get approved.  Check out the Joshua Tree Rec and Parks for ideas.