Thursday, June 9, 2016

MATZA AMBOY | Undergrounds

4 p.m., July 5, 2016
Where: The town of Amboy - look for the cars

MATZA AMBOY | Undergrounds - Art, Land Use and Democracy
The project is described as, "Midway between artist residency and scientific research program, this project by swiss artist Séverin GUELPA brings together artists, researchers and resi-dents to explore and reflect upon issues connecting land, the collective use of natural resources and democracy."

With artists

  • Maxime BONDU
  • Frédéric CHOFFAT
  • Séverin GUELPA
  • Katharina HOHMANN
  • Thierry MAEDER
  • Laurence PIAGET
  • Delphine REIST
  • Delphine RENAULT
  • Léopold BANCHINI 
"The residency in Amboy will take place between June 16 and July 6. The opening of the exhibition is on July 5 at 4 pm. The exhibition in Amboy will then stay open to the public 24/7 until mid-February 2017. Visitors are welcome to the opening and also during the periode of residency."

Press Release