Friday, October 4, 2019

JESSICAFEST this Saturday

An evening of great music is always welcome out here in Wonder Valley but when it is all to benefit someone in need the event is extra special.

This Saturday at our road house under the Mojave stars, the Palms and local musicians are banding together to help Jessica Berryhill of der Trio and Hostile Hippies heal from a terrible recent hit and run accident. Jessica is out of the hospital but will need lots of rehabilitation and mending.

I spoke with her today about the accident, her music and this weekend.

After 22 days in the hospital and multiple broken bones Jessica is on the mend but it could be 6 months or more for healing. What was her first question for the doctor after almost dying, you may ask?  "When can I play my drums?".

Like Cameron Crowe from the film Almost Famous I decided that when I interview a musician I want one of my questions to be "Jessica what do you just love about music?".  Jessica answered that question before I even asked it, Jessica says she loves the way playing the drums makes her feel -- extremely happy! Isn't that the best reason?

Jessica was born in Twentynine Palms and after moving to Ventura as a small child moved to Palm Springs because it was a better climate for the health of her mom. After hooking up with an old friend and sitting behind a drum kit she found music needed to be a part of her life, later she even found her dad had been a drummer as well.

She later visited Joshua Tree and just fell in love with the music community and like musicians do, they are rallying to support her in her time of need.

I asked my new friend who her favorite drummers were? Jessica responded immediately, Danny Frankle! She said Danny is not only the nicest person but also a great player.  She also likes Charlie Watts, who like her, just hits those drums without all the unnecessary flash!

She is really looking forward to Saturday night where she can hear some of her friends play on her behalf so that soon she can be behind the drum kit once again.

Some amazing musicians have stepped forth to pitch in and help. This will not only be a benefit to help a really good person and friend to many, but it will also be an evening of great music!!

Live music schedule:

6:30 Merz (indoor stage)
7:00 Nell St. John (indoor stage)
7:20 Paul Moeller and Chaos Junkies (outdoor stage)
8:00 Desert Queens (indoor stage)
8:30 Larry Copcar/ Tony Mason (indoor stage)
9:00 John Zulluu and Clive Barker (outdoor stage)
9:30 Firebug (inside stage)
10:00 Greg DaPonte Band (outdoor stage)
10:30 Josh Kjerstad / Victoria Williams / Max Maximillian (indoor stage)
11:20: Seena (indoor stage)

Also, DJ ALKimmy spinning some tunes!

The benefit is this Saturday, Oct 5th at The Palms in Wonder Valley
6 pm- midnight-ish.
Free camping available!
Suggested Donation: $10 but the more the better!

You may also donate to Jessica's GoFundMe at: